Amaravati Singapore

Restaurant address:
7500E Beach Road #01-201, Diners Building, Singapore 199595
Reservation Number: 6291 6009
Offering: 18% off ala carte food menu

Aryaa is the first restaurant in Singapore to offer diners a chance to embark on a unique culinary journey along the food route of world renowned conqueror, Alexander the Great. The entire concept from its interior to the food is carefully curated to take you on the culinary pilgrimage of Alexander as he travelled across continents making Aryaa a place where history meets cuisine.

Across the Mediterranean and the Middle East into the Indian subcontinents, the cuisine here at Aryaa features a spread like no other without breaking the bank. Aryaa’s chefs are devoted to honouring the history of these cuisines. Each of their expertise in Mediterranean and North Indian cuisine with years of training, combined with fresh ingredients and wholesome cooking make the culinary experience truly exquisite.

From the North Indian Subcontinent, one dish you can’t get enough of is Pasrur Malai Tikka, a moist and tender chicken kebab lapped in creamy cheese, lemon juice and coriander. Also recommended is the Laal Maas, a fiery Rajastani lamb curry made with Kashmiri chillies, yogurt and traditional masala spices.

The restaurant transforms into a bar and lounge by night, for patrons to feast and make merry all night. Enjoy bespoke cocktails by the in-house mixologist and great music by gorgeous DJs at night.