Copper Chimney


Copper Chimney

Restaurant address:
100 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207676
Reservation Number: 6294 8891
Offering: 15% off ala carte food menu

Amongst the hustle and bustle at the heart of Little India’s Syed Alwi Road, a Chindian restaurant is spicing up the vibrant Indian food scene with a new chef and a new menu.

Copper Chimney, the 10-year-old Syed Alwi flagship which prides itself in its distinctive North Indian and Chinese Indian cuisine, has gotten a fresh new interior and a revamped menu since F&B industry veteran and now Copper Chimney CEO Adnan Bamboat took over the reins one and a half years ago,

“Growing up with North Indian and Chinese Indian or ‘Chindian’ cuisines in India, I understood the universal appeal that these two cuisines could have. I was sure it would appeal to Singaporeans’ palate given the diversity of spices and ingredients in local dishes,” said Adnan. “With our new Head chef, Anant Ram, who has specialised in these two cuisines for over 15 years, we have fine-tuned our menu to make it more internationally appealing.”