Restaurant address:
723 East Coast Road Singapore 459071
Reservation Number: 6449 8466
Offering: 15% off ala carte food menu

In the competitive entrepreneurial world, individuality is a key factor towards determining success. A business has to be unique in every aspect as compared to the industry, by ensuring that its product, service and management are superior and outstanding than its competitors.

Mayura is a local Indian cuisine restaurant that also serves a unique fusion of Indian-Chinese food, set upon a contemporary background; filled with modernistic furnishing and embellishments to enhance the dining experience and stand out from typical eateries, along East Coast Road; just minutes away from the beaches of East Coast Park. The restaurant has been featured and extolled in various publications for its excellent effort to provide customers sumptuous Indian cuisine food that is rich in both culture and flavor, and willingness to push boundaries by merging both Indian and Chinese cuisines to create dishes that are distinct and palatable at the same time. Due to the existence of these factors, success could be realized for Mayura.

Started in 2009, Mayura Pte Ltd was established under the banner of Mayura Catering Pte Ltd. Over the years, Mayura Pte Ltd has received many accolades and awards, such as the prestigious Asia-Pacific Brands Award 2014, Singapore Quality Brands Award 2014/15, Singapore Outstanding 2011 award and the Highly Recommended Food Award in 2010. Mayura Pte Ltd has also been showcased in 8 days magazine, as one of the recommended tries by the publication. More importantly, Mayura also serves as an avenue for the Indian expatriate community to come together to share ideas and provide mutual assistance to prosper in this competitive economy. This also shows that Mayura is more than just a restaurant; it is also a venue where one can enrich himself, especially through the success story of the business.