Paws and Pans


Paws and Pans

Restaurant address:
327 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427584
Reservation Number: 6509 6506
Offering: 15% off ala carte food menu

Paws & Pans café, Singapore’s first café with a cause, opens its doors in historic Joo Chiat, a neighbourhood known for its authenticity and personality. A café opened by pet-lovers who took a break off work to serve the cause of animal welfare, Paws & Pans is a café dedicated to the objective of promoting adoption of animals instead of purchasing them.Their first outlet at Joo Chiat aims to drive sustainable change in terms of responsible pet ownership, helping homeless animals to find homes. In addition, the café also hopes to increase the public’s awareness on animal welfare, working with various Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) to spread the word on treating your pets right.

From Pans to Paws
From decadent waffles to guilt-free treats, Paws & Pans has food items catered for the foodie in everyone. Looking to share a meal with your beloved pet? Look no further, Paws & Pans serves food that can be consumed both by humans & dogs, allowing fellow pet-owners to share their love of food with their beloved pets. In line with its dedication towards advocating for animal welfare, Paws & Pans only serves Hormone-free Chicken, ensuring that even the food they serve has not been ill-treated.

Additionally, guests are able to mingle around with the dogs residing in the café, allowing different dogs to socialize amidst the casual atmosphere and delicious food. With the café’s dogs largely consisting of dogs from animal shelters, most dogs in the café are shy and reserved due to their prior ill-treatment from past owners. By facilitating social exchanges between pets-lovers, pet owners and their dogs, and the dogs in the café, Paws & Pans hopes to assist these animals in opening up to more people, bringing joy and love into their lives.