Two Blur Guys

Two Blur Guys

Restaurant address: 1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel, #01-13, Singapore 078867
Opening hours:
11AM – 10PM
Reservation number: 6636 4183

With a deep passion for good food, beer and pastries, two blur guys came together to set up Two Blur Guys, a New York concept café in the bustling CBD.

With the help of their friend and renowned Chef, Jimmy Chok, mouth­watering burger recipes were created specially just for ‘Two Blur Guys’.

Sandwiched by specially designed wholemeal bread, ‘Two Blur Guys’ offers a menu of six different signature burgers ranging from Prime Beef, Grilled Chicken for those who like their traditional meat burgers to Smoked Salmon & Portobello Burgers for the weight watchers and more health concious.

Paired with a cup of special coffee blend or specially selected importer beer, the burgers are perfect for a quick simple take-­‐out meal.

‘Two Blur Guys’ also offers a wide variety of delicious western pastries and cakes, ideal for one who seeks a light meal, stowed away break or making it a complete meal with the burgers.

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